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Marketing a big ticket item

How does marketing a big ticket item differ from marketing a smaller one? I just finished up a marketing workshop at the University of Minnesota and here's how I defined the differences:

Big ticket items

  • There are multiple buying audiences.
  • There are also multiple levels of sign-off. Expect your sales effort to get sidetracked more often.
  • You should use current customers to help sell prospects (e.g. bring prospects on-site to see a current installation)
  • Find ways to reduce risk (i.e. guarantees, warranties)
  • Financing can be an effective marketing tool.

Smaller ticket items

  • There are fewer buying audiences.
  • More often, the purchaser is the user also. Must appeal to both hats this person wears.
  • Price receives even more consideration.
  • Repeat sales are very important…and profitable.

Fellow bloggers...what else do you think distinguishes these two channels...?

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