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Brand marketing at its very basic

The idea of marketing a brand is at the heart of all marketing. But the concept of brand marketing is often lost on the small business person. That's because they ignore the most important of all brand concepts - consistency.

Next time you have a minute, spread across a table all of these basic marketing tools for your business:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Thank you notes
  • Brochures
  • Flyers

Now, take a look at how consistent (or inconsistent) your brand is across these elements. Are the logos the same? Typestyles? Colors? Key messages?

Each tool listed above is a workhorse, meaning they will make their way in front of the largest number of buyers' eyeballs. But an inconsistent brand -  across these elements -  will most surely confuse them.

When I did this for my own business, I noticed several tools that I need to upgrade.  Do you see the same?

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Just came across your blog. I think you've missed one of the most important (if not _the_ most important) marketing "tool" through which to present a consistent brand. I'm talking about your customers' relationships with the people in your company.

Example: all a company's collateral can consistently present a brand that suggests the company is friendly and customer-centric, but the first time a customer calls and encounters a rude receptionist, all of the consistent branding on the collateral goes out the window.

Seems to me that the most powerful "branding" is what the customer perceives when they encounter the real people in the company.

Take this with a grain of salt - I'm a marketing novice (no training, just some day-to-day experience and observations).

Posted by: Frank Johnson | Jun 29, 2005 6:06:01 PM

Wise words indeed. Take a look at the first comment from this post http://jaylipe.typepad.com/smart_marketing/2005/03/small_business_.html#comments and you'll see you're barking up the same tree as Jim Logan.

Too often businesses think in terms of Company Identity as only logo and tagline. It's really quite a bit more than that.

Posted by: Jay Lipe | Jun 30, 2005 8:10:31 AM

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