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Small Business Marketing Tip - How to use R&D to Boost your Marketing

Most small business marketing folks see R&D (research and development) as a time intensive, costly process. I don't. That's because this small business marketing person uses R&D as as an abbreviation for "rip off and duplicate".

We small business marketing types have limited budgets and all-too-limited time, so we can't start all our marketing efforts from scratch. That's why when I first heard R&D refer to rip-off and duplicate, I was hooked.

Rip off and duplicate simply means to keep your eyes open in the market. Then, when you see some marketing program that grabs your attention, adapt it to your business. You'll save time and energy and be faster to market with a new marketing initiative.

R&D really works for small businesses, but only when it stands for rip-off and duplicate.

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Does Branding really work for your Consulting Firm?

Consulting firm marketers are always touting the value of establishing a brand…and now they have the data to back it up. RainToday.com found that consulting firms, that are well-known in their target markets, receive higher fees, see their revenue grow, and earn higher profits than their lesser-known counterparts.

Last month, RainToday published its Fees and Pricing Benchmark Report: Consulting Industry 2008 research, in which we surveyed 645 consultants to find out what challenges firms face when setting fee levels. They revealed hourly rates, profitability, discounting norms – a bunch of great stuff.

Check it out...

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