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Small Business Marketing; 3 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

1) Lead with information – I recently unsubscribed from a good friend’s email marketing newsletter, even though he subscribes to mine. The reason? Every single email marketing message I received from him was promotional. “Join me for my new teleseminars”, “Buy my book now, and I’ll throw in another book for free”, “Come hear me speak at the XYZ Convention” was the tenor of every message. I agree that the primary objective for email marketing is to promote a business, but there are different strategies to accomplish this objective. One is to offer enough free, valuable information so people willingly want to purchase more of this information (in-person or through the email). Leading and following with promotion shows you regard the relationship as one-way and benefiting only your company.

2) Offer dialoguing opportunities – To my Marketing Tips and Tools http://www.emergemarketing.com/e-newsletter.shtml subscribers, I offer a series of email marketing autoresponders that provides a marketing tip each month. Want to know which of these 12 autoresponders gets the most opens and responses? The one whose subject line is “Can I Get Your Opinion?” In this message, I ask 3 questions about the value of Marketing Tips and Tools and then ask them to email me with their responses. People LOVE to give their opinion these days, and I have been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of their feedback. Remember that your email marketing efforts should strive to create a dialogue with your audience.

3) Sprinkle in some personal bits – I learned this from Ali Brown, the Ezine Queen . In one of her ezines she talked about how important it was for the author’s personality to show through in your e-newsletter. I balked at this initially because I didn’t think others would be very interested. But in the last issue of Marketing Tips and Tools, I included a section called “3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me (and May Not Want to)”. The response was huge. I heard from people who referenced my drumming and my childhood fascination with fire. I’m now a convert. I think people want to know a little bit about the person (or company) behind the email marketing. When they do, they trust you and your company, just a little bit more.

These are just 3 of the most basic things needed for effective email marketing, But there are many more. Now, which tips have I missed?

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Of course there are still few factors that you should consider with email marketing first the lead generation, how to find your target niche market and find more customers.

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