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10 Commandments of Successful Marketing Management

Here are my 10 Commandments of Successful Marketing Management:

I. Thou shalt learn from mistakes - If you're not taking risks, and making mistakes, you'll never progress past the point of what you already know.

II. Thou shalt apply every worker to the task - Each marketing team member (and quite a few members who aren't on the team) brings a unique skill set to the marketing team. It's your job as marketing manager to discover each worker's value, then apply that to the overall marketing task.

III. Thou shalt commit to generating momentum and activity - Without either, your effort will grind to a halt. Activity, with logic behind it, generates momentum, and a sense of confidence around the office.

IV. Thou shalt back up all arguments with evidence-based rationale - Arguments, made without facts or proof to back them up, are just opinions.

V. Thou shalt hire people smarter than you - To truly innovate in your marketing efforts, you'll need a fresh batch of new ideas. These can't come from a website or a book. Find people who think differently than you, then put them in charge of new initiatives. Then, leave them alone.

VI. Thou shalt lead through strong convictions - The true definition of a leader is someone who leads others to a new place, despite the grumblings and disagreements of the majority. I was never very good at this. But I'm now convinced that it is essential to excellence in marketing management.

VII. Thou shalt ask a LOT of questions - Someone one said "Asking questions is a sign of intelligence, views to the contrary notwithstanding". I don't think I can put it any better than that. The best marketers in the world have an insatiable curiosity about them, and that curiosity manifests itself in them through them asking tons of questions.

VIII. Honor thine failure- Yep, you read that right. According to one study I've seen, top managers at 3M recognize that 3/5's of the new ideas suggested each year fail in the marketplace. But the other 2/5's is their bread and butter.

IX. Thou shalt surround yourself with positive people - There's an attitude you need in every marketer who comes aboard on our team. It's a positive, uplifting and optimistic attitude. Remember that it only takes a drop of poison to spoil a gallon of water.

X. Thine market holds the final answer - As much as we marketing managers would like to believe we know what the market wants, we don't. Never make the critical mistake of assuming you know what your market needs.

OK gang, what have I missed here?

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These are great 10 tips for improving marketing management.

Jason Price

Posted by: Jason Price | Apr 2, 2009 12:32:56 AM

These are great 10 tips for improving marketing management.

Jason Price

Posted by: Jason Price | Apr 2, 2009 12:32:57 AM

I'm guilty of violating one or two of these commandments and I plan to share them with other Christian businessmen.

Posted by: WriteonBro | May 10, 2009 11:07:03 PM

Hi Jay, enjoyed the post. Love the religious language twist, there is a lot of it going round at the moment! Our ebook "The Holy Trinity of Technology Marketing" relates to point 7.

We believe in asking lots of questions too, but, we tell clients if they can’t answer three simple questions then they’re toast: who are you, why should I care, and why should I believe you? Take a look http://bit.ly/dqUFge

Posted by: Fleur | Jul 8, 2010 10:29:32 AM

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