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Delivering the sale: Key to marketing success

My 11 year old son recently collected pledges for a school fund raiser. He dutifully marketed door-to-door and got several neighbors to contribute money in exchange for gifts that would arrive under separate cover. All in all, he raised $125 for his school.

But when the gifts arrived two weeks later, and it came time for him to deliver them to the neighbors, he dragged his feet. Maybe he thought his commitment was over after collecting the pledges. Whatever the reason, I had to practically shove him out the door to deliver the goods.

After he finally delivered the goods, I realized that many marketers suffer from the same fate: they rush to collect the order (the marketers greatest self-interest), but drag their feet when delivering the goods (the customer's greatest self-interest).

I wonder if others of you see this same phenomenon? Do your businesses or clients have an unhealthy fixation on getting the order?

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