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How to identify your marketing problems

Identifying your marketing problems is really the first step towards developing a marketing plan. If you don't know what your marketing problems are, how can you expect to solve them?

Here then are 5 questions you should ask yourself as you begin to analyze a company's marketing effort:

  • What directions are your total sales (e.g. revenues, units sold, attendance) going across a 5 year period? Are they rising? Falling? Rising, then falling?
  • What shifts are taking place within these total sales that require explanation (for example, if you are marketing an extension college, are certain campuses growing, while others are declining)?
  • What methods do the majority of your customers use to find out about your product or service? Is it word-of-mouth? Referrals? Advertising?
  • What is the purchase motivation for your product or service? Why do people buy it?
  • What is the likelihood for repeat purchase of your product or service?

This is the first layer of analysis to begin identifying your marketing problems. There will be more analysis needed later, but this gets you started.

Can anyone out there think of other key questions I've missed?

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What features/stories/positioning is the competition using to win sales from you?

Posted by: Dave J. | Jan 30, 2006 11:21:26 AM

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