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A Tip for Your Small Business Marketing Plan

In The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses, I cover the process of developing a small business marketing plan in great detail.

But here's just one tip from that book that can help your small business marketing plan be even better...

Nothing is more forceful than committing your ideas to paper. If you say to yourself “Gee, I’d really like to upgrade our website this year”, that’s an idea. It’s nice, but it hasn’t committed you to any course of action.
However, if you write on a piece of paper the:
Objective (“We will upgrade our website”)
Rationale (“because our site looks outdated vs. our competitors”)
Project leader—that is who’s responsible for the quality and completion of a project.
Timeline—including the launch date and all intermediate due dates
Budget—for the entire project.

Now you’ve committed time, people and dollars to this project, and its likelihood of success has grown exponentially.

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Even better, get someone else to write it down for you. Nothing like having to explain your plan to an outsider to refine and clarify your thinking - and an outsider can make sure the plan is easily understood by those who don't have the benefit of having been inside your head in the process!
Michael Kelberer

Posted by: Michael Kelberer | Dec 2, 2008 10:44:47 AM

These are great tips for improving small business marketing Plan.

Jason Price

Posted by: Jason Price | Apr 8, 2009 12:47:03 AM

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