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SMART Objectives: A Cornerstone of your Small Business Marketing Plan

A lot of my small business clients have asked me about developing SMART Objectives for their marketing plan. But few know what the acronym stands for. Small business marketing plans that use SMART Objectives reflect goals that are:

Specific - If you say "We'd like to have more customers", that's too vague. But if you say "We will have 10 new customers by year's end", now that's specific.

Measurable - One key to using SMART Objectives is to make them measurable. For you and your small business to know if your marketing efforts are successful, you must be able to quantify any SMART Objective.

Attainable - Goals should be challenging....and streeeeeeeeeeeetch you and your small business. But if the SMART Objectives are too much of a stretch, noone will try, and morale will suffer.

Results-oriented - Every SMART Objective should start with an action verb. Start each objective phrase with words like "complete", "increase" or "decrease".

Targeted - Let's face it, most of us are motivated by deadlines. Why else would marketers use expiration dates so often? Attach a due date or deadline to every SMART Objective you set.

If you want to go deeper in understanding goals and SMART Objectives, The Marketing Toolkit for
Growing Businesses
or Stand Out from the Crowd might help.

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